Vintage Antique Vintage Light Bulbs, T45 Dimmable 60W Edison Tungsten Light Bulbs, Amber Glass, 350 LM, E26/27 2 Packs

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VINTAGE STYLE: Vintage Antique Light Bulbs with Tubular (T45) shape, fits standard (Medium) base E26 light fittings and E26 lampholders.
STRING BULB: Amber Tinted Bulb emits an easeful warm glow and will add a vintage touch to any home decoration.
EFFICIENT LIGHTS: Dimmable 60Watt Vintage Edison Bulb, mimicking the look of classic tubes, you can adjust the light as you like.

These bulbs are fantastic for atmospheric lighting, in a multi-bulb pendant light or discreet lighting. This 60-watt novelty bulb is a stylish way to bring the nostalgia of the 1900s to your modern fixtures. Filament Type: Spiral, Tungsten Material: Glass, Brass Base Beam Angle: 360 Degree Dimensions: 112*45mm/1.78*4.41 inches

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